Thursday, May 7, 2009

Florida Mementoes - A Disney Watch

If you've enjoyed a Lake Buena vista vacation and you want to buy a present for a loved one back home, maybe jewellery is the ideal thing (for example, see this heart earrings story for one idea).

But one thing that will always be linked to Central Florida and Lake Buena Vista is Disney World - so think about buying a Disney-related trinket.

And if dolls or stuffed toys aren't the right thing, how about a Disney watch? There's a lot to be said for them and they are highly popular.

They are a fun accessory and not just for kids - they are welcomed by people of all ages. They are available from major quality manufactures such as Seiko, Citizen and Lorus, so you can have some comfort that you're buying a long-lasting present.

And watches are available for any character you like - Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, whoever. Princess Cinderella watch? Yep. A Disney Mickey Mouse Floating Time Watch? Yep again, this time from Seiko. How about the Eco-Drive Mickey Mouse or a Snow White Princess children’s watch (Citizen).

You can even buy Disney pocket watches, and some people do this as a hobby.

Even if your vacation is over and you want to find a Disney watch, the Internet comes to the rescue. You can find everything from modern to vintage Disney watch styles, popular women’s Disney watches such as the Minnie Mouse Skinny Strap and the Mickey Mouse Crocodile Strap.

So don't give up on finding that special gift for someone near and dear to you - Disney watches are a great option and are perfect for everyone.